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Are you spending too much time managing data?

Engineers today spend up to 25% of their time with non-value adding data management activities. This means that about 1 day per week is wasted due to an inefficient product data management (PDM) tool. Instead of spending more time designing/developing products, engineers spend time on

Searching for design-data

Implementing changes on up- and downstream elements

Re-entering data because re-usable data is not easily accessible.


source: Tech-Clarity 

Which CAD software are you using?

Teamcenter Rapid Start integrates with different CAD solutions meaning that your PDM tool can always adapt with you. Ensuring that you will not lose or have to migrate CAD data

How much PDM do you need?

Finding the right tool to manage CAD data can be a challenge. Product data management software will help, but it can be confusing to find how much PDM software you need. Watch this video to see the different available options and which will be the right fit for you.


Introducing Teamcenter Rapid Start

The complete Product Data Management Solution at a price that will fit your budget. Teamcenter Rapid Start helps you to start fast with the PDM solution you need today and grows as your business does.

Full-featured PDM provides the capabilities manufacturers need to control, access and share product data in a way that's successful to smaller companies. Teamcenter Rapid Start provides a valuable foundation that opens the door to more advanced PLM capabilities that provide even greater benefits.

Take the first step to the right PDM solution for you

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